Little Red Riding Hood

It’s nearly panto season again...

Oh yes, it is!

Grandmother, what big teeth you have!

Our 2020 pantomime sees us tell the popular fairy-tale of Little Red Riding Hood: 

As a young girl, Little red trekked through her local woods to go and visit her elderly grandma, In the forest, she encountered the most beautiful surroundings and got distracted by the scenery, the animals and wandered carefree, she suddenly remembered she must get to her grandmothers ad hurried along, but a mysterious shadow in the woods had got there first…  

Once she got to the house, she noticed the door ajar, she walked into the house and edged closer to the bed…  

“Grandmother, what big ears you have,” said Little Red Riding Hood.
“The better to hear you with my dear,” replied the wolf.
“But Grandmother! What bug eyes you have,” said Little Red Riding Hood.
 “The better to see you with my dear,” replied the wolf.
 “But Grandmother! What big teeth you have,” said Little Red Riding Hood.
 “The better to eat you with my dear,” cried the wolf. 

 Will Little Red flee the wolf and reach safety and will she ever see her grandmother again? 

1 show from £600.00

*Don’t forget your camera! Our cast meet and greet after EVERY show.*
Our 20
20 pantomime is another brand-new production for us at Daisy Chain Entertainment Group! Having never produced this show before, we are extremely excited to bring on board the very best production team for our pantomime debut of Little Red Riding Hood this December! 

Daisy Chain Entertainment Group provide touring pantomimes to all venues across the UK. We are proud to bring our professional panto’s to theatres, holiday parks, hotels and even pantomimes to hire for schools. We are renowned for producing hilarious and engaging shows year after year and with a reputation like ours, why wouldn’t you come and see us over the festive season? Even better still, hire a pantomime to visit you!  

Why hire a pantomime? 

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  • Fully PAT tested equipment and full Liability insurance. 

We also host our own ticketed events where you can come and watch us at a local theatre or venue near you. Bring along the whole family; our script writer and producer create a professional show to keep everyone engaged and traditional slapstick comedy to have you all laughing! 


“Brilliant pantomime, the staff and kids loved it! The talent and costumes were awesome, we loved the theatre scenery!”